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Public Records Policy and Public Records Request Form

Public Records Policy - BWD 2019-12 final.pdfPublic Records Request Form - BWD 2019 final.pdf

To file a Public Records Request form online, please read the following policy before submission.

Oregon Public Records Law (ORS 192.420) grants every person the right to inspect any nonexempt records of a public body.  Please fill out this form completely and identify specifically the type of records you are requesting.

Information About Obtaining Records

  • Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)192.440(2) allows the public body a reasonable time to respond to a records request. The amount of time that is reasonable will depend upon the volume of the records requested, the staff available to respond to the records request, and the difficulty in determining whether any of the records are exempt from disclosure
  • ORS 192.440(4)(a) authorizes the District to charge fees associated with public records requests. Burlington Water District calculates fees for responding to public records requests as follows:$0.25 per page for photocopies; $0.25 for each true copy certification
  • Actual cost for use of material and equipment for producing copies of nonstandard records .
  • Labor charges that include researching, locating, compiling, editing or otherwise processing information and records:No charge for the first 15 minutes of staff time.Beginning with the 16th minute, the charge per total request is $44.00 per hour or $11.00 per quarter-hour. A prorated fee is not available for less than a quarter-hour.
  • The actual cost for delivery of records such as postage and courier fees.
  • Actual attorney fees charged to the Burlington Water Districtfor the cost of time spent by an attorney in reviewing the public records, redacting material from the public records, or segregating the public records into exempt and nonexempt records.
  • If a request is of such magnitude and nature that compliance would disrupt the District's normal operation, the District may impose such additional charges as are necessary to reimburse the District for its actual costs of producing the records.
  • Burlington Water District may require prepayment of estimated fees before taking further action on a request.
  • After an estimate is given to the requestor, Burlington Water District must receive written authorization from the requestor before proceeding with the records request. The requestor will be notified if costs exceed the written estimate given. In addition, a refund will be given if costs are less than estimated.